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Modern sinus surgery is very different to surgery performed even 10 years ago.

Dr David McIntosh is an ENT Surgeon in Queensland, Australia offering specialised sinus surgery. Every sinus operation he performs is tailor made for the individual, based on their symptoms, clinical findings, and CT scan results.

Surgery is performed usually as a "day" procedure but some patients need (or prefer) to stay in hospital overnight.

All patients have a written plan of management that they go home with.

David does not use nasal packing other than small pledgets called "neuropatties"- these are so delicate they are actually used in brain surgery. David has not ever used ribbon gauze or similar packing materials after sinus or nasal surgery, sparing hundreds of patients the unpleasant experience of the removal of such packing. The neuropatties are soaked with a combination of medications that help to reduce pain and bleeding after surgery. These are removed before you go home. They are so easy to remove, we even use them in children.


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