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Before seeing a specialist it is worth trying simple measures to deal with your problems. For example, is there a flower, bush, or tree that you might be allergic to? Removing this may be all you need to do. How about smoking? Don't worry you won't get a lecture about his, but smoking does contribute to the problem.

There are simple remedies such as salt water irrigation and your GP can prescribe medications such as nasal sprays and antihistamines. A word of warning though, some antihistamines don't help with sinus problems and occasionally people end up feeling worse. Also, the nasal sprays from the chemist which are known as "decongestants" are addictive and will make your nose worse if used long term (most brands advise use is limited to no mare than 5-10 days).

If nothing seems to work, then surgery might be the next step. Your GP will need to organise a CT scan so that the specialist can provide you with advice.

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