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If you need surgery for your sinuses, you may need "Advanced Sinus Surgery"

David McIntosh has been trained by world leaders in specialised sinus surgery in adults, including ADVANCED SINUS SURGERY, and also has developed skills with these techniques in children. His PhD is on healing after sinus surgery and he has published and presented on topics related to sinus surgery in Australia and overseas. David receives referrals from GPs and other ENT Surgeons.

Specialised techniques incorporating Advanced Sinus Surgery include:
bulletFrontal sinus surgery
bulletFrontal sinus mini-trephine, including trans-orbital mini-trephine
bulletFrontal recess clearance
bulletEndoscopic DCR (repair of the tear duct system when this is blocked, and in the process avoiding external scars on the face)
bulletSphenoid surgery
bulletRemoval of fungal material from the sinuses
bulletEndoscopic sinus cancer removal
bulletRepair of skull base damage causing brain fluid (CSF) leakage
bulletCanine fossa puncture
bulletSub-mucus powered turbinectomy
bulletEndoscopic septoplasty
bulletStopping blood noses by clamping of large blood vessels (Sphenopalatine artery ligation)

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